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Pair of Early Wooden Doors/Panels

Nupe, Nigeria

Pair of Early Wooden Panels/Doors. Nupe Culture, Nigeria

This pair of early wooden panels are beautifully decorated with an array of symbolic and abstracted animal motifs, from a Koran learning board and cross to the carved depiction of an ostrich. A series of parallel lines adorn the length of both panels, and the designs - carved in relief - have developed a darker surface colour as a result of the effects of smoke and use over time.

The right-hand side panel would have acted as a movable door, with a hinge attached to the bottom part of the panel. Cross-sections of wood were used to fasten together the panel located to the left-hand side.

Elaborately decorated panels/doors such as this would have possibly adorned a Nupe meeting house or important family compound.

Ex Family Estate, UK

Estimated Period: First Quarter of 20th Century

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1400 PAIR
H: 170 CM
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