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Small Bronze Porcupine

Northern Ghana or Benin. £375

Bronze Porcupine. Northern Ghana or Benin

In Ghana in particular, the porcupine is revered as a symbol of strength. This fine and small bronze casting, using the lost wax method, comes in the form of a small porcupine with what appears to be a cob of corn in its mouth. It is likely that this small hollow bronze casting did not serve as a gold weight, but rather likely as a shrine piece. What is lovely about this piece is the way the quills have been cast so that they are raised from the thin cast shell of the porcupine's body. The patina and its touch in the hand gives the feeling that its probably early 20th Century, possible before. The piece either originates from the region of Northern Ghana or Benin.

H (Excl. Display Stand): 4.5cm

L: 9.5cm

W: 5cm

Estimated Period: First Quarter 20th Century or Before.

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H (Incl. Stand): 5.5 CM
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