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Collection of Nine 17th-19th Century Gold Weights

Akan, Ghana. £180

Group of Nine Bronze Gold Weights. Akan Culture, Ghana

Bronze gold weights were made by Akan goldsmiths from the fifteenth to the nineteenth century in a variety of styles, for the purpose of measuring gold dust for Akan royalty. This group of twelve Akan gold weights from Ghana exhibit a range of stylistic variety and date back to the seventeenth to nineteenth centuries. Akan gold weights would have been worn as charms to cure ailme§, gifted with dowries of gold dust or sent as pertinent messages. Proverbs depicted in the form of the weight could provide a piece of advice, recall a debt, serve as a warning or token of friendship.

This group includes gold weights cast in geometric forms and an intricate animal gold weight depicting a coiled snake and bird. These miniature marvels would look great displayed on a mantelpiece or arranged in a cabinet.

Estimated Period: 17th - 19th Century

The height of the gold weights range from 1cm to 2.5cm

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