Male Head Adornment and Snuff Container
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Male Head Adornment and Snuff Container

Karamojong, Northern Uganda

45. Male Head Adornment and Snuff Container. Karamojong Culture, Northern Uganda

This hat, adorned with bird feathers, would have been worn by a Karamojong male as a visual emblem of status and wealth. The hat consists of fine natural bristle fibre attached to a woven fibre cap. A strand of fine red and blue early glass beads runs along the outer rim of the hat, and a small decoration - possibly a charm - coloured with natural ochre pigment features at the front.

The snuff container is made from a long section of animal bone, and is sealed either end with leather caps, decorated with small glass beads. Three small charms are attached to colonial-period chain.

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H (Incl. Stand): 47 CM
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