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Fine Medicine Container

Kwere, Tanzania. £680

Fine Medicine Container. Kwere Culture, Tanzania

Traditionally used by a Kwere healer to store medicinal cures for sickness and ailments, this fine medicine container consists of two parts; a hollow calabash 'body' used for storing medicine, and a carved wooden stopper used for serving the medicine. The carved stopper is surmounted by a three-quarter length figure of a female, whose head is crowned with a double-parted coiffure. The female is depicted resting both her arms on her stomach in a gesture of maternity and fertility. The small figurative sculpture at the top of the stopper exhibits a lovely smooth and oily surface patina. Strands of plaited raffia fibre have been wrapped around the body of the calabash, and threaded through the strands are four pieces of coconut shell, which provide further adornment to the piece.

Estimated Period: First Half of 20th Century

H (Incl. Bespoke Stand): 20cm

H (Excl. Bespoke Stand): 17cm

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H (Incl. Stand): 20 CM
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