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Large Madonna Figure

DRC. £3600

Fine Early Madonna Figure. Unknown Culture (Possible Luba Influence), Eastern DRC

With her small sandaled feet visible below her long, flowing robes, this Madonna figure is depicted standing on what appears to be puffs of clouds, on top of a flared base. Craved from a very dense heavy hard wood, her face bears a serene expression, with heavy-lidded, downcast eyes, and her pursed lips show remnants of red colouring. A glimpse of her hair is visible beneath her head covering, which is depicted as gathering into folds at the back of the figure.

Over a string of rosary beads with a cross centrepiece, she clasps her hands together in prayer. Among African Madonna figures, the holding of rosary beads appears to be an early French influence and is therefore mostly only found among such figures from the Congo and central Africa. Leaf motifs decorate her floor-length robe, and a carved star with a metal insert centre unusually features below the Madonna’s cross. The surface of this piece exhibits a very dry patina, which indicates that figure in all likelihood came out of Africa many years ago.

Madonna figures such as this would have been traditionally kept in the village or private houses serving as a protective presence from harmful forces.

Estimated Period: First Half of 20th Century (1930's)

Provenance History

Ex Private Collection, London

Ex Private Collection, France

Estimated Period: First Half of 20th Century (1930's)


H: 76 CM

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H: 76 CM
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