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89. Set of Five Woven Wicker Trays. Barotse?, Zambia


Set of Five Small Woven Wicker Presentation Trays. Possibly Barotse Culture, Zambia

Following the basketry technique used in Zambia, it is possible that these are Barotse presentation trays. Each small, hand-woven tray features an individual design, visible on the outside and inside of the tray, crafted from arrangements of darker fibres into various geometric patterns. One tray displays a single series of pyramid shapes, while another features a pattern of alternating triangular and lineal designs. When mounted together, the set of five trays provides a striking interplay of simple geometric designs, and of dark and light. It is not known for sure whether these presentation trays were woven for traditional use, or are examples produced for the early tourist market.

Estimated Period: 1950's -1960's

Ex Private Collection, UK

Length of Mount: 65cm

Width of Mount: 19cm

Diameter of Trays Ranges From 10cm to 11cm

Height of Trays Ranges from 4cm to 5cm

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H: 4-5 CM
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