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Small Zaramo Figurative Platform

Tanzania - H: 30 CM

Small Figurative Platform/Stool. Zaramo Culture,Tanzania


This small figurative three-legged stool or platform derives from the Morogoro region of Tanzania, and would have been used by traditional healers as an implement during ceremonial healing practices. A small indentation in the centre of the platform would have balanced a calabash containing medicines.


Surmounting the stool is a carved female figure with an encrusted surface patina. She stands in an upright stance, with both hands resting on her navel. A typical Zaramo hairstyle, consisting of a central band with three striations, adorns the top of her head. Running down the length of the hairstyle is a series of punctuated dots. The figure is further decorated with a necklace of early glass beads. 


Ex Private collection, UK 


Estimated Period: First Half of 20th Century (1940’s)


D: 17cm

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H: 30 CM
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