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Large 19th Century Baule Bronze Bangle/Cuff, Ivory Coast


Large 19th Century Bronze Bangle/Cuff. Baule Culture, Ivory Coast

This old bronze cuff has been cast by the ancient old lost wax method. It has been cast hollow, I can't work out how this has been achieved! The void area, which looks like a coming apart or a split in the shell of the bangle, has been deliberately created, possibly to allow the wax to leave the casting. On the outer shell are fine decorations of parallel lines and bands. At the joining of the cuff are two rows of half circular decorations together with two adjoining triangle shapes.

The surface is worn on both the outer and inside of the cuff. This piece is more like an object of art rather than a piece of jewellery.

Estimated Period: Mid-19th Century (Possibly Before)

Ex Private Collection, UK

For a very similar example refer the Brooklyn Museum, accession number 74.173.4

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Diameter: 12 CM
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