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Three Nupe Panels/Doors Depicting Animals, Geometric Shapes and Household Objects, Nigeria


Three Decorated Wooden Panels/Doors. Nupe Culture, Nigeria

This set of three panels display a blend of beautiful Nupe decorative designs, carved in low relief against a plain background. Interspersions of stylised animals - from lizards, turtles and snakes to camels, beaked birds and rabbits - geometric shapes and representations of household objects embellish the surface of the doors. A Koranic writing board - possibly an article made by the carver - features among the array of motifs.

While the panel located to the right acted as a movable door (note the cut-out hinged sections to the top and bottom) the other panels were fastened together with cross-sections of wood. An original group of three, the artist's signature - a zigzag decoration - located at the bottom of each door visually links them together. As a result of smoke and use over time, the surface of the panels have developed a darker hue.

Estimated Period: First Quarter of 20th Century

Total Width: 112cm

W (Left Panel): 36.5cm

W (Centre Panel): 27cm

W (Right Panel): 34cm

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2750 - Set of Three
H: 167 CM
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