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Two Early 20th Century Shoowa Basketry Containers, DRC

£420 + SOLD

Two Early 20th Century Basketry Containers. Shoowa Culture, DRC

The coiled foundations of these two basketry containers have been embellished with dyed raffia fibre in the style of cut-pile embroidered Shoowa status cloths. The larger lidded container exhibits a flat, circular form with an attached plaited raffia handle. The lid of this larger-sized container is decorated with a freelance geometric configuration, which continues to the underside of the basket. The smaller container, decorated with diamond-shaped patterns, comprises a coarsely-woven, coiled lid and, like the larger container, features knotted stitches coloured with natural pigments. These stitches impart a raised, nubby texture to the surface of the containers, creating a pointilist effect.

Estimated Period: First Quarter of 20th Century

Ex Private Collection, Belgium

Larger Container - Diameter: 20cm, H: 6cm

Smaller Container - Diameter: 10cm, H: 11cm

Larger Container: £420

Smaller Container: SOLD

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420 and SOLD
H: 6 CM, H: 11 CM
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