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Two Gurage House Posts, Ethiopia

£1200 For Both

Two Wooden House Posts. Gurage Culture, Ethiopia

House posts like these had both a functional and decorative purpose. They were used in a traditional Gurage dwelling as a welcoming and protective symbol. The circular head on top of the post was a common symbol of protection throughout this region. Because they featured in the family home they were often decorated with natural pigments as in the taller of these two examples.

The practical function of these posts was to act as markers to separate areas inside the traditional dwelling. They would be position in a line ,sometimes with a cross section of wood attached, to separate one room with another, for example the meeting room and the sleeping area.

Estimated Period: First Half of 20th Century

Shorter Post (With Metal Display Stand) -£580 (108cm x 20.5cm)

Taller (With Metal Display Stand) - £680 (156cm x 20cm)

£1200 For Pair (The posts can also be sold separately)

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1200 PR (580 + 680)
H: 108 CM + 156 CM
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